We advise and assist architects, engineers, occupants and developers to get the most value out of their buildings and to make them people-centric.

We bridge the world of building systems with the IT world to transform your buildings into smart and sustainable experiences. Our professionnals are all Smart Building experts.
some of our experts


Technical expert

Technology is second nature to Michael. Growing up, his family owned a specialized in electrical spare parts in Brussels and he has been finding solutions to tough technical problems since he was a teenager. Driven by a passion for optimizing technical solutions, Michael has acquired a strong expertise that makes him one of the best expert in the field in Belgium.


Smart Building engineer

Christophe has 15 years experiences as Enginner in themal controls.  Passionnante by M2M communications. Expert in HVAC controls and building automation. Innovator as minset, open for next step of predictive control by machine Learning and new case in smart building controls.one of the best expert in the field in Belgium.


Senior consultant

Raphaël has been active in the construction sector for the last 20 years. In 15 years as manager of his own general construction company, he has developed a deep expertise of the construction process and the importance of client driven solutions. Most recently, within Eiffage, he had the opportunity to work on some of the largest projects in Belgium and abroad.

how can we help you?

Our service scope can be broken down into three key phases, which can be adjusted and adapted based on your needs


Usually 3 days
  • Understand the objectives and the needs of building stakeholders (occupants, owners, facility managers, cleaning crew, etc…) via data collection and onsite interviews
  • Analyze all current or proposed building systems and Smart score them according to their Smart Building Readiness
  • Develop a customized diagnostic report including stakeholder expectations, analysis of current and/or proposed Smart Building possibilities. We also identify hidden opportunities


Usually 3 to 10 days
  • Develop a detailed mapping of the expected functionality and the impacted building systems on every identified stakeholder (occupants, owner, facility manager, supplier)
  • Identify the building systems that need to be updated, upgraded or installed to achieve defined objectives for the Smart Building
  • Present a final report laying out the expected use cases and the adaptations required with current or new building systems. This includes next-steps to move the project from concept to realization


Usually from 7 to 15 days
  • Analyze installation offers negotiate budgets on your behalf to insure the best partners are chosen to execute the defined project
  • Manage project from A to Z including planning, follow up, technical acceptance and any other identified needs
  • Develop, test and validate all the use cases and create a DIU documenting all the systems and their interconnection
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SB Experts is the consulting branch of Bizmotica SA

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How can we help you?


16 000 m2 of offices in Ixelles

Complete renovation of an existing building in Ixelles.  The challenge was to render it completely Smart: with a service for users that is green, flexible, adaptable, including an applications portal.

SB Experts followed this visionary project in its entirety:

  • interviews with future users of the building (from the maintenance team to the owner, including the secretary) in order to respond to the expectations of future occupants
  • conversion of users’ needs into technical and functional diagrams
  • IT backbone of the building
  • assistance with drawing up the specifications, notably by preparing a detailed report on the new technologies to be integrated into the building
  • assistance with the selection of partners.

Architect : OVG

Consulting Engineers : CES


200 m2 of space

The challenge of this project was to fit out a large empty room in order to convert it into an efficient Smart conference area.

In this context, SB Experts designed a flexible open solution which allowed the making of quality hybrid video conferences on site (with people separated by 1.5m distance) as well as remote participation.

This project was executed in two stages: 

  1. Carrying out a study: to overcome problems with the sound, visual aspects of presentations and with the speakers.
  2. Coordination & follow-up: technical follow-up, choice of solutions, coordination of technical arrangements…


In order to see the project in concrete terms, a 3D visualisation was proposed.

Logo BPI

4800 m2 of flats

In the context of the creation of luxury apartments in Auderghem, SB Experts were asked to support the implementation of Smart technologies in the building.

The implementation of Smart technologies was destined to respond to the various needs of future residents, including the management of common areas through a centralised application.  By way of example:

  • automation and scenarios for technologies associated with comfort (blinds, heating, audio-visual, electricity….)
  • remote opening of doors, automatic closure of the apartment, setting off the alarm, incorporation of a calendar….
  • integration of the common areas (lifts, entry doors, garage…)
  • automatic messaging when an electric car is sufficiently charged at a charging post, reservation of parking spaces, delivery of packages….


The advice of SB Experts addresses the identification of residents’ future needs, the conversion of these into technical diagrams and assistance with the design of the future integration platform.

Architect : Archi2000

Consulting engineers : Détang

Besix Red

18 000 m2 of offices

This ambitious office project in Luxemburg combines adjustable modular working space and digital intelligence.

The new technologies deployed in the building will optimise the efficiency of processes, the comfort of users and the evolving nature of the facilities.

SB Experts were consulted for: 

  • re-reading the technical specifications
  • the preparation of a Smart report for the purpose of advising BesixRed on the integration of Smart technologies for future tenants or buyers.

Architects : Foster + Partners, Beiler François Fritsch

Consulting engineers : greisch


10 000 m2 of offices

In the context of the renovation of their administrative offices at Louvain-la-Neuve, ING wanted to get involved with what a Smart implementation can offer and its budgetary impact.

With this in mind, SB Experts did the following:

  • led a study of the techniques and expectations of users by zone
  • implemented the support and creation of Smart specifications
  • highlighted the different technical impacts and costs resulting from a transition to Smart technologies.

Architect : Jaspers-Eyers

Consulting engineers : TPF

AG Carré juste

5 225 m2 of mixed spaces

The AG Campus, located in Brussels, is an ambitious and innovative project.  It is focused on a new way of learning and a new manner of working within an open and communicative environment. 

In order to be up-to-date with future requirements in matters of work and apprenticeship, the integration of the Smart dimension was imperative. 

SB Experts were called upon to handle the multi-techniques coordination of this avant-garde project between the different rooms and zones.  Here is an overview of what was achieved: 

  • support for the design of digital solutions relating to the building, such as digital signage and room booking tablets
  • assistance with the selection of service providers for fitting out the areas
  • quality follow-up for the project

Architect : EVR – Architecten

Consulting engineers : IRS-Studiebureau


79 m2 of boardroom

SB Experts were called upon to design the installation of top of the range Smart technologies in a large 24-seater conference room.

The challenge was:

  • to integrate screens, camera and audiovisuals to make them chic and practical
  • to integrate the lights and the blinds
  • in addition, significant work was carried out on the room’s utilisation interface in order to improve the ergonomics and make using it more intuitive.

To ensure that everything was correctly implemented and that it corresponded to the needs of Ageas, SB Experts were responsible for the follow-up of the site. 

Architect : Procos Group 

Logo Souverain carré

50 000 m2 of mixed-use building

This emblematic building, located in the heart of Brussels, has been completely redesigned so that it now offers a unique and high quality experience to its various visitors and residents.

It is a mixed usage building: spa, hotel, gym, restaurants, offices, meeting and conference rooms, in addition to a co-working area.

To translate this vision into a modern experience, SB Experts were asked to provide advice concerning the overall IT architectural installation of the common areas planned for the building.  The purpose of this mission was to integrate the conventional silos and the future Smart technologies. 

Particular attention was given to the different paths that visitors and users would take so that they enjoy a homogenous and fluid experience in all the different areas. 


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